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Press the digit keys on your keyboard to jumpy to different slides.

Slide 2

The numeric keypad should work just as well as the digit keys abode the letters. I don't have a numpad/tenkey on my current keyboard, so that's just a rumor, for now.

Slide 3

Look, someone is riding a zebra!

Slide 4

I don't see any fence - do you?

Slide 5

Easter egg!

Slide 6

The official description of this photo says they are jumping a fence.

Slide 7

The photo was taken between 1890 and 1923.

Slide 8

If you go to the US Library of Congress and ask really, really, nicely, I bet you can see the actual physical photo!

Slide 9

Try and hit End and see if it takes you to the last slide!

Slide 10

It's only possible to jumpy to the first ten slides, by number. Please write a nice patch that listens for further digit keys, and jumps to slide 1, 12, 123 and so forth.

Slide 11

This is the last slide. Now try and hit Home and see if it takes you to the first slide!

That's it, really. I was bored, and wanted to create a bespoke.js plugin. Enjoy!