EmulateTab: demo

Sometimes it can be useful to programatically emulate/simulate the effect of pressing the tab key. Examples include using tab to skip over less used form fields, another to use the + on the keypad as a new tab key.

This demo allows comparing EmulateTab to the browser you are using. Try to tab and shift- tab through the fields. Then start the emulated tabbing that runs on a timer.

Note that using the mouse to click on a button, checkbox or radio button may cause the browser to unfocus (blur) the current selection. Since there is no selected element, tabbing would then restart at the top of the page.

Demo controls
A bunch of random form elements for demo purposes Joel Purra
Anchors without href are always skipped by the browser
First part of radio group 1
Second part of radio group 1
Radio group 2 mixed with the third part of radio group 1
An image input

Tabbing past here will usually put focus in the address bar of the browser, but the emulation will put focus at the top of the page. The emulation is not overriding default behavior, it is extending it. Also, javascript cannot control focus of the browser address